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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What should I do...?


What should I do with this piece? Pls advise me... (huhu...)
I really don't know what color to choose for the border..
Yellow or pink or green? arghh..
please..help me.....!

Thank you,


  1. cantiknye la patchwork hexagon ni... teringin nk buat tp mcm leceh n renyah je.. hehe.. for me, i prefer letak green kot as the border, kalo kuning n pink tu mcm contrast la plak... tp ade jenis org suke border yg contra..

  2. nice...why not try green..the one that u use...

  3. Salam Zila.
    Cantik tu.... pada pendapat KD kalau Zila jahit hexagon hijau keliling satu round dan kemudian ngan brown sebagai frame/border dan brown binding juga rasanya cantik. Cuma pandangan mata tua KD!!!

  4. wah..rupanye ada org lain yg sama cam fida suruh zila letak green..hehe..yes fida setuju dengan semua org..letak green kaler..

  5. zila kmaz nie suka colour2 yg terang sikit :))...kalau kmaz ...border letak colour peach dan binding pakai colour hijau yg zila guna tu.

  6. zila, try warna hijau..tp not all the way. yg both end of the dark colored hexagon tu u mix kan plak bright color, so timbul. he!he! la nie baru teringat akak ada projek hexagon UFO nie...

  7. wah nice job!
    i pun rase green is a good color for your border.
    tak sabar nak tengok finished project! all the best!

  8. Dear Zila,

    Thanks for popping by the Great Hexagon quilt-along too!
    Your hexies are lovely!!
    You'd be msot welcome to join us in our group...if you'd like to, please email me.
    Robyn xx


  9. ijau or brown akan menaik kan seri tu...cantik zila...!!

  10. so camana zila,dah letak border hijau ke utk hexagon zila?hehe..sy pun agree dgn yg lain,green would be nice!dah complete nanti post tau, nak tengok..

  11. Terima kasih semua.. Thank you to everybody.. (Ms Nur, Kak Aida, Kak D, Fida, Kak Maz, Kak Niena, Ms Erin, Ms Doina, Ms Robyn, Kak Aniza & Akmal)

    Really appreciate the comment/tips.
    Since majoriti said green, i will proceed with green.
    Thanks a lot..
    saya akan mengambilmasa yang agak panjang utk menyiapkan table runner ni.. hrp2 siap sebelum aidilfitri.. hehe... (lama lagi tuh..) tunggu... Thanks again...

  12. Cantiknya, any color will match it..