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Thursday, June 3, 2010

This is awesome...

Salam & Hai..

'This is awesome' quilt turns out to be double awesome... hehe.. perasan..
Walau apa pun, a trillion thanks to all the blogger friends who advise me on the color of the second border.. I am really happy.. and this is truly awesome.. muahahaha..

..and I am also happy to share the news that the owner of this quilt is already arrived.. on 1st June 2010 and..it's a boy... i need to hurry on this.. already done the backing and basted it all together.. cuma belum quilt je lagi... niat nak hand quilt tapi sempat ke..? untie ni sangat slow... muahahaha..

apa pun.. tak sabar nak siapkan quilt ni and then take a picture of it with it's owner...


  1. Zila, memang cantik..... KDee berkenan sangat lebih2 lagi warna merah..... Proceed on Zila...tentu dah siap nanti lebih 'AWESOME'!!!!

  2. zila
    shantiiiiiiknye.... baby besar pun nak jugak he he ;)

  3. Tq Kak Dee..

    Tq Kak Shima.. boleh jer.. hehe.. ;)

  4. omg, this is really awesome!
    cantik la zila. nanti letak binding dia kaler apa pulak?
    tak sabar nak tengok ni.

  5. Tq cik dura... berangan nak bind guna fabric yang sama dengan first border.. tapi bila belek2 macam nak guna kaler putih.. huhu.. tak tau.. saya sungguh peningzzz...

  6. zila..kalau kmaz pun akak letak colour putih for binding :)) mesti da bom!!

  7. ye ker kak maz? putih mcm really putih atau cream mcm yang saya guna dalam block2 tu? tq kak... da bom.. hehe.. i like.. :)

  8. zila...yg tu cream yea, guna cream yg samala.

  9. tahniah! Zila!!!...tak ker cantik tu...bertuah baby dpt specially made quilt lagik......next projek aper pulak? ;-)

  10. kak maz.. kat tgh2 tu ada white and also ada cream.. cream ek... tq.. :)

    kak niza.. tq..tq..tq.. next project berangan nak wat applique plak... hehe..berangan tak abis-abis..