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Monday, May 10, 2010

This is awesome....

Salam & Hi..

I'm sorry.. I have to praise myself for this piece.. Haha... puji diri sendiri.. haha..
But, this is just awesome.. Actualy I was very worried about this border, but after i sew it... it was just awesome.. and i'm drooled... haha...

and to my lovely friends who make a guess to my previous entry, the answer is picture no. 1... heeeee....

now.. my concern is on the second border.. what color it should be?
should I add another border or should I stop here?
waaaaaaa.... help me......


  1. memang awesome pon!!
    you can go for red/maroon for the second border. tak pon terus buat binding je :)

  2. Zila..border letak colour merah yang ada kat tengah quilt tu...wow! lepas nie double awesome :))

  3. Loving the colour combination and the arrangement.. i saw the many variations and they all look lovely.. x sangka sooo many ways bley arrange the block..

    as for the current quilt, 1 question, belah kiri tu mmg tak ada border putih tu ek.. terus ada that grey border ek..? i tried belek but gambar x besar sgt and cant really tell from that angle..

    how big is the current quilt? if you want to add the size, then go for a second border, but if the size doesnt really matter, then you could just bind the quilt. i suggest some solid colours for the binding - white/light yellow yg u use for the blocks tu..

    cant wait to see the finished quilt..

  4. Tq cik dura.. Tq kak maz.. color merah ek.. kena gi cari ni sbb xde dlm stock.. hehe..

    Tq cik sue.. actually yang color putih (tapi tak macam putih pun, mcm cream sebenarnya...hehe..) is part of the log cabin block.. sbb tu la yg belah kiri tu xde.. hehe.. sori la gambar tu mcm kekuningan sbb dok ambik gmbr bawah lampu kuning.. hehe...

    Plan nak buat quilt untuk baby.. skrg size 30x40 inch..


  5. really awesome dear zila.... cecepat siapkan k.... tak sabar nk tgk finish bb quilt

  6. gorgeous quilt top zila! yes, it's awesome and i love the color combo. I agree another red/maroon layer cantik :)

  7. Tq Kak Pah... saya pun x sabar jugak nih.. heee :)

    Tq Pn Zura.. red/maroon cantik ek.. nampaknyer kena cari kain lagi nih.. hehe... :)