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Friday, March 13, 2009

Tulip Lady Fingers

Salam & Hi...
I got this block from http://quilterscache.com/
(Thank you very much to them.. You can find a lot of pattern here. Check it out..)

Size : 12"

But a bit disappointed because I chose the wrong color.. It doesn't come out as imagine it would be..
Tulip tu tak berapa naik warna dia.. Sedih gak la..
So, maybe this block will become my chair pad to be used in my car (alas tempat duduk dalam keta,bleh teman aku dalam traffic jam hari2.. heee...)

Oklah.. selamat berhujung minggu..
Take care.



  1. Thank you kak.. suka kaler pink purple plak skrg nih.. hehe..

  2. Don't worry, the pattern looks lovely. Enjoy what you have created! We ALL have made lots of, not so perfect choices. It is a learning process, just enjoy it along the way!